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Kepora specializes in building custom software to meet their customers’ needs in a timely and organized fashion. Kepora has experience architecting large-scale cloud infrastructures with cutting edge analytics to help customers get the information they need. Kepora uses the latest in software engineering practices to minimize turn around for software build, test, and deployment and in turn, maximize customer expectations.

Big Data & Cloud Computing

Server Installation

Kepora offers cloud computing solutions using cloud technologies such as Spark, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Cloudera, Kubernetes, and Google Cloud. These solutions come from experienced employees who have an average of ten years experience with mission technologies and even more experience creating analytics while working with analysts in the field.​

Data Science


Kepora offers the cutting edge in real-time analytics using Spark Streaming and TensorFlow. We have experience building analytics and metrics with Splunk and Tableau to give deterministic, real-time results that have lasting impacts on current operations. Kepora helped with the integration of a real-time data mining product that predicted operational results.

Software Engineering

Computer Tutorials

Kepora does the hard work to make things simple. From the simplest html page to the complex scientific real-time solutions, Kepora has extensive software design, test, and implementation experience to meet the demanding software requirements of current missions. Kepora utilizes the best practices in software engineering.

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